Closed through May 1, 2020

It is with heavy hearts that we have been given new mandates today for non-essential services to close. Who says good hair is non-essential? Sorry, certainly not a time for jokes...
We truly hope that by following the restrictions, it will contain the virus and keep people safe in our great nation. We will be closed through April 30th. We will not have immediate access to our phones, but will reach out to you to try to get you all rescheduled for the first part of May. Feel free to message us on Facebook or use the contact form through our website if you have questions. We will update our web site and Facebook with details as we know them. Prayers continue for our world. May God bless us all and keep us safe.

A message from Hether 3.16.2020

Hello to our valued friends. We certainly are receiving many phone calls about the concerns of coming into the salon. Be assured that we take the greatest care in making sure that you and our staff are safe. We sterilize equipment between clients and because of our smaller staff, there aren't usually more than 20 people in the salon at any given time. We are doing our best to serve you all especially given the fact that we already have a scheduled shut down for improvements from April 7 - April 11th. Each station has the approved distance of 6', therefore you don't come in contact with other clients that are in the salon. We have waived any cancellation fees and are encouraging anyone with any signs of illness to stay home. We will recognize all State and Government mandates as they come out. If you feel comfortable coming in, we will still love to serve you. This is a difficult time for people in the service industry. Prayers for all affected in this time.

New Parking Restrictions

2019 04 10 20.32.26We are grateful that the G-line is about to be up and running, but we weren't expecting the new parking limitations. Across the street from the salon is now a 15 minute loading zone which will be great for when you need to stop in to purchase your favorite product, but not so great when you are there for an appointment. We encourage you to utilize the incredible parking garage across the street, or the 4 hour parking lot across from the Library. There is also still 2 hour parking on the side streets as well. This loading zone is strictly in front of the train. Please plan accordingly and don't hesitate to give us a call if you need any instruction to where you can park.