Vicki - Master Designer

Vicki-SmallVicki has always loved doing hair and has for 23 years. Her favorite service is color because she likes to see the change she can make in people. Her goal is to be creative and give the person something different. Her approach is unique in that she tries to approach each client visit with a fresh eye by asking good questions. Clients come back because she listens to their wants and needs. She really tries to help them. She gets to know their career, age, and level of busyness, which helps her, help them envision change.

A quote that defines her is, “life is too short to be unhappy, make a change, and do it now.” She is inspired by continuing her education and going to classes. Learning something new helps her not get burnt out as well as stay current on the latest trends. One thing to know about her is that she is easy-going, strong, fun and soft-hearted. Her favorite color is red and her philosophy is that hair is part of you. She has two kids, loves cars and has been working at The Barrett Jackson Car Auction for five years.